Get Compliant Right Away with the MCP50 from Omnitracs For fleet managers to better monitor and manage safety and compliance, they need an effective electronic on-board recorder (EOBR). Given the prospect of a future EOBR mandate, fleets can install EOBR systems to improve Hours of Service (HOS) compliance and related CSA scores.

The Mobile Computing Platform 50 (MCP50) from Omnitracs simplifies driver compliance with the HOS regulation through electronic driver logs and provides continuous visibility to dispatchers and managers.

New Hours of Service rules take effect soon. The FMCSA will be enforcing new HOS regulations to decrease the risk of fatigue-related accidents and long-term health problems for drivers. The new rules take effect in July 2013. Are you prepared? If you’re feeling unprepared, Omnitracs’ eLogs solution can help you:

  • Implement the new HOS rules
  • Automate driver log management
  • Reduce manual entry errors
  • Improve load management
  • Reduce HOS violations

 The use of EOBRs continues to expand as many carriers see the necessity in using these systems in order to improve HOS compliance, but also realize benefits that extend beyond regulatory compliance. While FMCSA rules have not yet been implemented to mandate EOBRs, there are many benefits, outside of rules compliance, in using these systems now.

EOBRs provide technology and information for broad safety management initiatives, productivity and revenue performance improvements, and better cost management. From a competitive perspective, the advantages make them an imperative.

As of April 1, 2013, Qualcomm Enterprise Services, the pioneer of commercial vehicle telematics, is now Omnitracs, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated. As Omnitracs, our mission remains unchanged—to help fleets improve safety and compliance, fuel management, mobile asset management, operational efficiency, and customer service for the for-hire and private fleet markets.

While our name has changed, Omnitracs will continue to build upon the partnerships we have created to help make our customers’ businesses successful. Our commitment will not waver. Our dedication to provide the best in technological innovations will continue.

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