GasBuddy announced the industry’s first mobile media solutions specifically tailored for state lotteries and architected to drive consumers into convenience stores – where, on average, more than 55 percent of lottery tickets are sold – during key selling times like the holidays, large jackpots and important ticket releases.


Integrating Lottery into the User Experience

The GasBuddy app now seamlessly embeds each state’s lottery directly into its app experience. Among the features:

  • Users can automatically filter gas stations for locations where lottery tickets are sold with a “Lottery” button on the list screen.
  • Each lottery location in the app has a clickable badge with a custom profile page that provides users with winning numbers, jackpot news, and call-to-action options such as play now, download app and save to home screen.
  • Once saved to the home screen of the app, users can opt-in to receive targeted, relevant push notifications that create demand at key-selling moments such as holidays, large jackpot numbers and geo-targeted events such as entering the point-of-sale location, keeping them coming back for additional plays.

“GasBuddy has relationships with more than 150,000 c-stores across the country and our technology can provide lotteries with the ability to reach customers when they are feet from the point of purchase,” said Walt Doyle, CEO of GasBuddy. “We know that one store has the potential to get more than 1,000 lottery customers per day. The GasBuddy app provides even more resources for state lotteries to drive revenue and continually engage with nearly 70 million drivers on and off the point of sale locations.”

In addition to integrated app capabilities, state lotteries can easily track their campaigns and measure performance with third-party tracking, including the click through to Location Page, listing click-through-rate (CTR), and walk-through-rate (WTR) from overall engagement.