A global IoT technology leader in the connected commercial vehicle space, Fleet Complete introduces a fully integrated stand-alone DVIR app to provide fleet operators with a new safety tool. Officially called Inspect by Fleet Complete, the new application is an independent product for Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting that is now available for fleet-based businesses of any size.

The app is a progeny of the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solution that comprises DVIR as per the government mandate. It requires drivers to complete a compulsory vehicle inspection before and after every long-haul trip, logging any minor or major defects to ensure proper vehicle maintenance and comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations.

Within the ELD solution, DVIR reporting is relatively simplistic and delivers only the essential vehicle checklist that will ensure compliance during a road inspection. The new stand-alone Inspect app provides a complementary tool for drivers to conduct a more detailed inspection of their vehicles for better assurance and a quick in-app sign off without intermediaries.

It will now serve a wider user base as well. While DVIR is crucial for the commercial motor vehicle sector, assisting drivers in road safety and ELD compliance, the new Inspect App offers businesses outside the long-haul sector a tool to uphold safety standards and decrease the chances of costly repairs or on-job calamities.

It is particularly useful for municipal services, such as waste collection and snow plowing, to ensure the vehicles are well equipped and ready before every trip. A regularly conducted inspection is a great way to protect organization’s high-value assets and reduce expenses that can tally tens of thousands of dollars a year in operational costs.

“Inspect by Fleet Complete is a unique DVIR app on the market today,” comments Alan Fong, CTO of Fleet Complete. “What started as a standard vehicle safety procedure for a specific industry is now wanted by other sectors, seeing its benefits in operational assurance for fleets. Our customers want their vehicles on the road and not in the mechanic’s garage; hence, we decided to address this need with a cost-effective solution that is today the Inspect app. As a bonus, we made it even better than the standard DVIRs.”