A year removed from its launch, Minimizer Fast Flaps continue to sell like hotcakes, with no drop off in sight.


Fast Flaps secure mud flaps without creating any holes in the flap or sacrificing strength, yet it takes more than 500 pounds of pressure to detach a mud flap from the Fast Flaps stainless steel bar, and the result doesn’t damage the flap. See the product in action by clicking here.


“When we came out with Fast Flaps last March, we knew we had a winner,” said Minimizer CEO and Chief Visionary Officer Craig Kruckeberg. “This past year has only confirmed what we already knew—this product is an outstanding cost-saving addition for vocational fleets!”


“It’s an amazing piece of equipment,” Owner/Operator Jeremy Hodge said. “I wish I had these years ago.”


A screwdriver pries the Fast Flaps bar apart, allowing the mud flaps to be inserted into the gap. It works like a very strong clamp for the mud flaps. 


“My drivers are always losing flaps and it’s a major headache,” Fleet Owner Jonathan Villmar said. “Now that we use Fast Flaps, I don’t have to worry about paying fines or extensive repairs that keep the truck off the road. Instead, [my] guys just carry a screwdriver with them and they’re good to go.”


The first Fast Flaps video on Minimizer’s Facebook page has over a million impressions, and it’s one of the most popular products across their social media.


“Whenever I go to a [heavy-duty trucking] show, I get people coming up and asking about Fast Flaps,” Kruckeberg said. “It’s something that people keep hearing about and they want in on it.”


For more information or to contact a Minimizer distributor, call 800-248-3855 or email Info@Minimizer.com.