EzFill Holdings, Inc., a pioneer and emerging leader in the on-demand mobile fuel industry, announced today that it has entered into an LOI to begin a trial program with AMS Energy Technologies, LLC to operate and manage Portable Aboveground Gas Stations in the state of Florida.

The Company anticipates that the PAGS deployed with high-capacity fuel transfer pumps will enable EzFill’s drivers to significantly reduce the time needed to refill their delivery vehicles, allowing them to fuel more customers in a single shift. EzFill is one of the largest on-demand mobile fuel delivery providers in Florida, and the only company to offer on-demand fuel delivery service in three vertical segments: consumer, commercial, and specialty including marine, construction, and agriculture.

“We expect that AMS’ PAGS system will further strengthen EzFill’s operations and fueling capacity throughout Florida and may potentially serve as the supply blueprint to support our national expansion,” said Mike McConnell, CEO of EzFill.

“The PAGS are fully contained, above ground fueling systems configured with smart technology retail gas pumps, where consumers initiate and complete their purchase transaction via an app on their smartphone or traditionally as they always have while fueling. The PAGS turnkey solution provides the ability to install a fueling system within three days and at a cost that is 80% lower than a traditional gas station. Additionally, by fitting our system with high-capacity fuel transfer pumps, we feel that the PAGS can be utilized by EzFill as a cost effective and efficient solution to refill mobile fuel delivery vehicles exclusively owned and operated by EzFill. We are very excited to team up with EzFill and bring our proprietary technology to Florida,” said Ethan Henderson, Director of Operations and Regulatory Affairs at AMS.

“We are always looking for ways to improve operational efficiency, particularly through truck and driver utilization, and we are confident that a successful trial with AMS will bring the supply and service capabilities of our company to a whole new level,” said Rick Dery, CCO of EzFill.

In addition to expanding the supply reach for EzFill’s mobile fueling services and providing a cost-effective solution for establishing new retail fueling stations, PAGS have the potential  to provide an answer to existing stations that need to replace their underground storage tanks (USTs).

Pursuant to the terms of the LOI signed by the Parties, the PAGS are expected to be manufactured over the next 90 days and deployed shortly thereafter. Upon deployment, the Parties will begin an evaluation period. The relationship can be terminated at any time during the evaluation period, and the continuance of the relationship following the evaluation period is subject to the companies’ satisfaction with their findings during the evaluation period.