ExxonMobil has announced it is introducing a new diesel fuel, Synergy™ Diesel Efficient, which features an innovative, proprietary additized formula to help deliver quantifiable fuel efficiency for diesel-powered vehicles. The new diesel fuel will be commercially available to U.S. retailers later this year.


Extensive on-road testing conducted at leading independent research laboratories showed that Synergy Diesel Efficient delivered a 2% fuel economy improvement for both heavy-duty and light-duty vehicles. It is currently the only fuel available in the U.S. that offers this benefit. Formulated with a proprietary, detergent-based additive, Synergy Diesel Efficient can also help clean fuel injectors, reduce emissions and enhance vehicle responsiveness.


“Synergy Diesel Efficient is the latest innovation within our Synergy family of fuels, and demonstrates ExxonMobil’s commitment to delivering the best fueling experience to our consumers,” said Rob Wollard, Americas Retail Marketing Manager, ExxonMobil Fuels, Lubricants & Specialties Marketing Company. “Along with this new, advanced diesel, we also are offering our U.S. retail partners an impactful branding program for their diesel canopies and marketing programs designed to attract additional traffic and purchases.”


According to published reports from the American Trucking Associations (ATA), the U.S. trucking industry alone is responsible for consuming an estimated 38 billion gallons of diesel fuel annually. In addition, the Diesel Technology Forum expects the number of diesel-powered cars in the U.S. to double by the year 2020.


“With the Synergy Diesel Efficient fuel program, we strengthen the position of our Exxon and Mobil retail partners and help improve the performance of today’s sophisticated engines,” said Wollard.