Excentus is launching its next-generation convenience retail loyalty solutions at the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) Show on October 18-20.

The loyalty and marketing technology company, leveraging its 12-plus years of experience developing proven solutions for convenience retailers at over 10,000 locations, has created a best-in-class suite of turnkey loyalty programs exclusively for the c-store sector.  These solutions, which will be unveiled this week at NACS, provide convenience retailers with 360-degree customer engagement, robust offer strategies, and exemplary technology infrastructure.

  • Managed Convenience Retail Solution: The Managed Convenience Retail Solution provides a robust, end-to-end, feature-rich loyalty solution, fully developed and managed without the need to invest in separate loyalty program management and expertise. It comes equipped with a branded mobile app, customizable offer types, and direct-to-consumer messaging. It also features an easy-to-understand dashboard to report on the program’s effectiveness and offer unique insights into shopper behaviors.
  • Enterprise Convenience Retail Solution: The Enterprise Convenience Retail Solution is a fully customizable loyalty solution for retailers that have invested in a specialized loyalty strategy that can only be addressed through a custom solution. It helps solve a challenge many retailers face—a lack of integration between the technologies they have invested in to run their business, and their specialized loyalty strategy. Building upon the managed solution, the enterprise solution offers advanced customization features including customer segmentation, targeting and detailed offer strategies. By leveraging detailed reporting and analytics, customized campaigns are created to drive specific behaviors from every customer, offering unique currencies and member tiering capabilities.
  • Excentus Elevate: Also launching at NACS, Excentus Elevate is a solution for convenience retailers wanting to amplify their loyalty offering with vendor-funded offers that Excentus sources through major CPG manufacturers. Other benefits of Excentus Elevate include site-level sign kit design and fulfillment, a local offer playbook, additional digital promotions as well as financial settlement services. To generate repeat business and provide added value to the customer, convenience retailers can also offer cents-per-gallon currency, product clubs and merchandise discounts available through the Elevate solution.

Excentus’ ready-built loyalty solutions come equipped for omnichannel customer engagement, complete with a branded mobile app, direct-to-consumer email, SMS and push messaging, customizable offer types and in-store sign support to surround customers with relevant messaging.

“At Excentus, we recognize that every convenience retailer is unique, and their approach to loyalty will be equally unique,” said Brandon Logsdon, President and Chief Executive Officer at Excentus. “Launching a full suite of loyalty marketing products and solutions allows us to provide effective solutions to convenience stores of all sizes, developing and supporting an end-to-end operation that differentiates their brand, influences consumer behaviors and provides deeper insights to drive their business strategy.”

Excentus’ new solutions help convenience and fuel retailers keep customers engaged every time they come into the store, with 360-degree customer engagement, vendor-funded promotions and a portfolio of offers retailers can choose from, as well as first-class technology infrastructure and strong KPI reporting to track the efficacy of the initiatives.  Importantly, these turnkey loyalty solutions unlock the secrets to loyalty success – without requiring convenience retailers to hire internal loyalty expertise.

“Leveraging Excentus’ suite of loyalty services means convenience retailers have flexibility. Not only does our powerful loyalty engine integrate with existing technologies to build a more compelling loyalty program, but our extensive product offering enables operators to create unique offers and promotions,” said Logsdon. “When paired with our expertise, marketing tools and program management services, achieving profitable changes in consumer behavior is possible for retailers of all sizes.”

For more information about the company’s new convenience retail loyalty solutions or to speak with Excentus executives, please contact Vanessa Horwell at [email protected] (305-749-5342 ext. 232) or Emily Bowe at [email protected] (305-749-5342 ext. 246).