Excentus, a provider of loyalty technology and marketing solutions to national and regional brands, convenience retailers, grocers, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers, is launching new products and solutions to increase sales and improve promotions for CPG manufacturers at the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) Show on October 18-20.

“Many CPG brands already have a strong data-driven strategy, but there are challenges,” said Jamie Hudson, Vice President of Promotional Services for Excentus. “From not being able to track and tag specific transactions to specific individuals, to a lack of direct-to-consumer communications, CPG brands struggle in situations where brick-and-mortar retailers own the customer relationships and data. Excentus is introducing solutions at NACS to specifically address direct line-of-sight into shopper behavior that CPG brands currently lack.”

Through Excentus’ retail programs, CPG brands will have unparalleled access to millions of shoppers, helping them better understand exactly who their customers are through sku-level data and personally identifiable consumer information. CPG manufacturers can in turn identify new opportunities to deliver the right branded offers and promotions to the right audiences and drive product movement. According to Excentus’ internal program data, customers spend 2x more inside c-stores when they belong to a loyalty program, and nearly 6x more if they are engaging with valuable offers.

Excentus provides flexible CPG-funded offer constructs that include cents-per-gallon fuel discounts, free items and rewards clubs, and product discounts. CPG brands can leverage Excentus’ direct-to-consumer communication channels through the Fuel Rewards® program and other Excentus-supported retail programs. This puts CPG brands front and center at thousands of retail locations nationwide with offers that change consumer behavior and accelerate product sell-in with their retail partners.

In addition to offers and messaging, Excentus provides the data-driven tools that CPG brands need to compete in a highly competitive (and crowded) retail market, with detailed reporting to measure incremental sales volume and increased product visibility. Brands can segment and target customers based on their interactions, spending patterns, cross-brand purchases and other preferences. Brands can also layer on geographic data to target campaigns nationally or by region and conduct competitor analysis and customer lifetime value analysis.

“Awareness is key and Excentus helps CPG manufacturers keep their brand top-of-mind with on-the-go shoppers,” said Hudson. “Our new solutions provide effective analytics, offer configuration, and digital offer display, but beyond that, we also help our retailers with in-store execution to drive both online and offline awareness that ultimately benefits CPG brands.”

For more information about the company’s solutions for CPG manufacturers or to speak with Jamie Hudson, please contact Vanessa Horwell at vhorwell@thinkinkpr.com (305-749-5342 ext. 232) or Emily Bowe at ebowe@thinkinkpr.com (305-749-5342 ext. 246).