SmartDrive Systems, a leader in driving performance solutions that reduce collisions and improve fuel efficiency, has announced that EnviroSolutions, Inc. deployed the SmartDrive video-based safety program following an evaluation of competitive solutions.


The clear, intuitive user interface and advanced coaching workflows are among the capabilities cited by EnviroSolutions’ management in its selection of SmartDrive over other solutions tested. Results since implementation have been remarkable, including the doubling of the number of driving hours between accidents, going from 5,000 to 10,000 hours between collisions.


EnviroSolutions, Inc. is a regional Mid-Atlantic waste and recycling company that works collaboratively to craft customized and environmentally conscious solutions to meet the needs of its commercial and industrial customers. Its “Service Drives Us” philosophy encapsulates the company’s commitment to customer service, safety and regulatory compliance. Having initially sought a solution to reduce collision frequency and verify driver location, EnviroSolutions conducted a two-month trial of SmartDrive and another video-based safety product.


With a combination of dual-camera and 360-degree view configurations across its fleet of trucks, results-to-date include not only a dramatic reduction in accident rate and enhanced visibility of driver and asset location, but also multiple instances of accident exoneration, as well as improvements in customer service.


On occasions when waste containers are inaccessible due to a locked gate or vehicle blocking the approach, EnviroSolutions drivers can now capture video to support follow-up conversations with customers. Video of overflowing bins facilitate timely, relevant sales calls to clients to justify increasing the frequency of pickup.


Rollout of the SmartDrive solution followed best practices developed from experience gained over 10 years and billions of driving miles. The result for EnviroSolutions was a seamless process that minimized change and disruption for drivers and employees. A series of employee informational meetings paved the way for discussions reiterating that the system was intended as a tool to help protect drivers and improve their skills.


Shining a light on the most frequent driver safety violations—such as cell phone usage and not wearing a seatbelt—drivers and managers quickly realized the benefits of the SmartDrive platform and, over time, the length of coaching sessions has been reduced and conversations now focus on improving skills related directly to poor safety scores.