Working its way up the seaboard, E85 is now available for the first time on I-95, in Woodbridge, Va. The Potomac Mills Mobil convenience store at 14496 Gideon Drive,Woodbridge, VA, 22193, will now offer both E85 and higher ethanol blend products. To welcome ethanol, the station will host a car, classic car, and bike show Sun. from noon-4 pm.

E85 fuel can be used in Flex-Fuel vehicles (FFVs). There are over 385,000 FFVs in Virginia, and over 100 FFV models on the market today that can run on high-octane, emissions-reducing E85.  The station will be selling it comparably to, or under the price of regular gasoline.

“I promote what I believe in, and, honestly, I wanted the E85 so I could use it myself,” said Love Rapaval, owner, Potomac Mills Mobil. “We have a lot of enthusiasm from the performance auto community for this high-octane fuel and I’m proud to be one of the first in northern Virginia selling it.”

Protec Fuel, ethanol supplier and station installer; Petroleum Marketers Group; the United States Dept. of Agriculture; and the Commonwealth of Virginia teamed up with the Mobil to offer the fuel.

“Not only does E85 reduce harmful emissions significantly; car people love it because it’s 103 octane,” saidSteve Walk, VP of Business Development, Protec. “The station will serve a variety of fuel customers, while helping keep more U.S. money inside the U.S.”

“Access to higher blends of ethanol in our motor fuel allows consumers in the area and throughout Virginia to run cleaner and to support our economy to a greater extent,” said Alleyn Harned, Virginia Clean Cities Executive Director. “The Commonwealth of Virginia is proud to be partners in this project.”