DTN, a leading information services company, announced today the launch of its newest enhancement to DTN TIMS®, the industry’s only fully-automated terminal inventory management solution. The latest version further improves operations by allowing customers to make better inventory decisions more quickly.

The latest enhancements to DTN TIMS offer intelligent forecasting, allowing everyone in the organization better visibility into product positions. It provides forecast values up to 180 days into the future to show demand for specific products allowing marketers and schedulers to identify critical inventory issues such as runouts or over supply.

DTN TIMS is the industry’s first terminal inventory management system, and is designed specifically to increase visibility. It delivers inventory and supply and demand information directly from its source and validates it, saving time and resources, reducing errors, minimizing risk, and increasing revenue opportunities.

Additional enhancements to DTN TIMS improve operational efficiencies for suppliers who were previously tracking inventory on spreadsheets. This enhancement enables suppliers to have near real-time visibility into inventory balances as fuel leaves the terminal and provides them with deeper insights into their current and future product positions (even over holidays and weekends).

As the oil and gas industry enters its second digital revolution, real-time solutions like DTN TIMS help customers automate more processes and become more efficient.

DTN is the premier downstream oil and gas automation provider, working continuously to develop new offerings that meet customer needs. Through tight-knit relationships with its customers, DTN is able solve their challenges and the TIMS enhancements are a direct result of customer feedback.