Business Accelerator Team — a consultancy providing business development and digital marketing expertise to retailing and foodservice — has been leveraging the industry knowledge and expertise of recently announced Partner, Mike Flebotte, to develop an extensive suite of digital marketing services for BATeam clients.

Marketing today needs to be an extension of the sales effort – before, during and after. Integrating digital and traditional marketing strategies is essential in the retail industry.

“Many small to mid-size companies often struggle with the best ways to incorporate digital marketing into their traditional marketing and advertising strategies,” said Flebotte.  “It can be a challenge to establish and maintain a brand’s online presence, and it can be a costly process as well.  BATeam has streamlined our approach to provide a comprehensive digital marketing service for our clients that is also cost efficient.”

“For each client we look at the totality of their marketing efforts and customize approaches to demonstrate shorter-term wins and longer-term opportunities,” added Kay Segal, Founding Partner.  “Our digital marketing toolbox of website optimization, content strategy and creation, search engine marketing, social media management and e-mail marketing will add a significant component of what the team can offer.”

As a group, BATeam couples individual engagement strategies with sound digital tactics to maximize exposure in the industry.

Founded in 2015 by three experienced petroleum, convenience store and media professionals – Kay Segal, Paul Reuter, and David Nelson – the Business Accelerator Team (BATeam) is an outside-in catalyst assisting with insight, strategy, marketing and key industry connections. The consultancy provides business-development expertise derived from a deep understanding of what has worked with suppliers, retailers and media in retailing and foodservice. For more information about the Business Accelerator Team Click Here.