Cree, Inc. has introduced TrueWhitePlus™ Technology, a spectral control breakthrough that delivers better light experiences. Using Cree® LED technology that optimizes the spectral content of the light to deliver lighting experiences people prefer, Cree TrueWhitePlus Technology makes objects, spaces and any environment more appealing, ultimately providing light quality and performance not available elsewhere.

“Cree’s TrueWhitePlus™ Technology ushers in a new era of light that goes beyond what was possible before to deliver better light experiences that people prefer,” said Rob Glass, Cree vice president, advanced technology. “Cree TrueWhitePlus™ Technology outshines other lighting technologies by providing customers the light they want, where they want, how they want for each application.”

TrueWhitePlus Technology will enable LED innovations that are not possible with incumbent technology, leading to better light experiences that help people feel safer, more alert and more productive. The breakthrough technology is targeted to appear in Cree’s LED components and commercial lighting solutions this year.