Convenience Leaders Vision Group (CLVG) has released their first Vision Report “Currents of Change”.

Whether you had two weeks, two days or two hours to shut down at the end of 2022, when the calendar flipped to 2023 it brought with it a truly unique opportunity to re-engage. Build on the enthusiasm a new year brings by tapping into some thought-provoking perspectives from the Convenience Leaders Vision Group.

The first CLVG Vision Report of 2023 is your launch pad to understanding:

  • Executive-level views on the changing convenience retailing landscape
  • New ways of potentially navigating workforce woes
  • Fresh thinking around aligning with alternative fuels
  • And more…

To view the report go to:

About Convenience Leaders Vision Group

Convenience Leaders Vision Group brings together convenience retail icons and trailblazers through quarterly virtual meetings. During these sessions, members identify trends, challenges and disruptions in retail as well as possible solutions and opportunities.  The group is committed to sharing its views and perspectives in order to advance the convenience retailing and mobility industry. CLVG operates under Vision Group Network, which gathers the collective knowledge and ideas of its members to create a legacy of sharing within the retail community.