Clean Fuels National has grown from a one truck cleaning operation to a fleet that travels throughout most the of the continental United States. Using patented phase remediation techniques and fuel filtration and tank cleaning, Clean Fuels National is a major component of fuel quality assurance. 


Petroleum Solutions Inc. (PSI) began in 1970 as a small service station equipment company and has expanded to cover the largest service area in the state of Texas.  PSI serves many industries, from convenience stores and travel centers to government bodies and aviation fueling facilities. 


With 11 offices across Texas and over 100 certified and trained petroleum equipment service technicians, they handle on-site and off-site repair, installation/removal of fuel storage tanks, as well as property maintenance and environmental assessments. Adding to an already impressive list of services, PSI will now be able to offer the fuel and tank cleaning expertise of Clean Fuels National, who is now their exclusive provider of fuel quality assurance technology. 


John Keller, Vice-President of PSI, said, “Clean Fuels National’s professional approach and proven methods of quality fuel and tank cleaning has served our customers’ needs well. They are responsive and committed to the serving the Texas market with PSI.”


Michael K. Vanover, President of Clean Fuels National, said, “We have long-standing relationships with some great fuel equipment suppliers in Texas, and we love doing business in this state.  We really look forward to partnering with a company with a such a strong standing in Texas and such good relationships with its customers.”


The alliance between these two companies will result in the cleaning and inspection of an additional 12,000 – 17,5000 tanks by Clean Fuels National, with the help of its inspection division, Fuel Quality Testing, in the state of Texas.