PDI (www.pdisoftware.com), a global software company that provides ERP, fuel pricing, supply chain logistics, and marketing cloud solutions to convenience retailers and petroleum wholesalers, announced it is extending its 16-year partnership with Chevron. The longtime PDI customer will implement the next generation of PDI Envoy back office and head office software solutions to power its corporate-owned sites in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

“Our relationship with PDI has strengthened over the last 16 years, and they’ve proven to be a dedicated and trusted partner,” said Dean Gilbert, general manager of Marketing and Sales at Chevron. “Beyond the innovative software that allows us to gain actionable insights, improve operational efficiencies, and streamline our business, the industry expertise and regional presence from PDI supports our growth as we expand our presence in Asia Pacific.”


Innovative companies and technology are driving APAC’s digital transformation

By 2025, nearly 73% of the world’s population will only access the internet through their smartphones, and 80% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud. From customer-facing applications to back office solutions, businesses everywhere are relying on innovative technology to drive digital transformation. Chevron and PDI are leading the way.

Chevron launched its CaltexGo mobile app in response to consumer feedback about wait times at the fuel pump and in the store. Now, customers can pull into the petrol station, launch the app, input their pump number, and confirm the payment after fueling. In addition to enabling a frictionless checkout experience, the app also powers Caltex’s loyalty program, Plus!, allowing customers to easily earn and redeem rewards.

Convenience retailers in the APAC region, and globally, are looking for solutions that will enable them to grow and optimize backcourt and foodservice operations. PDI’s cloud-based, internationally deployed back office software, Envoy, is helping them do it. From accounting automation to pricebook centralization to fuel inventory management, its holistic capabilities reduce complexity, increase visibility and deliver real-time insights that enable companies like Chevron to transform their business.


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