Chevron announced refreshed branding for its line of grease products, featuring new naming and packaging to make the product selection process more seamless for customers. This product optimization aims to future proof its product line to serve today’s equipment needs and meet the needs of tomorrow.

To address continuously evolving industry shifts, Chevron grease products will feature new package designs with a simplified naming structure that categorizes products by thickening agents. The new packaging also provides key product details and a QR code for easy access to more information, helping customers easily identify the right product based on their needs.

The restructured grease portfolio now categorizes products by different thickening agents:

  • SIMPLE LITHIUM, including MULTIFAK® and ULTRA-DUTY®, heavy-duty multi-purpose greases for extreme-pressure applications.
  • LITHIUM COMPLEX, featuring STARPLEX® grease, good for extra-duty, heavy-duty and extreme pressure applications.
  • POLYUREA, including the BLACK PEARL® product line, for filled-for-life and high-speed motor applications.
  • SPECIALTY, including premium TEXCLAD® grease, an extra-duty product for sprayable applications.

“By reinvigorating our line of grease products, we believe it will be easier for customers to understand our product portfolio,” said Zach Sutton, Chevron Lubricants Industrial & Services Sector Specialist. “Long term, we believe having a diverse portfolio across thickener types will meet the needs of our customers for all of their applications, both now and in the future.”

Overall, Chevron’s portfolio of greases will be streamlined to simplify the product selection process for customers. Chevron will be adding a Calcium Sulfonate Complex category with the Rykon® brand name in 2023, with a focus on increasing equipment longevity, extended lubrication intervals and reducing the total consumption needed to keep an operation up and running.

Customers can visit to learn more about these product changes or use the grease product selector to find the right product for their application. Customers can also connect with a representative here.