Chanje announces its strategic partnership with BTCPower, a California-based electric vehicle charging system manufacturer and the largest supplier of DC fast chargers in North America. BTCPower worked with Chanje to design a charging system specific to the commercial last mile industry. This industry-first system integrates variable-rate DC fast charging with sequential dual-port overhead charging dispensers. BTCPower is a key partner in Chanje’s technology ecosystem designed to simplify fleets’ transition to electric mobility.

“BTCPower understands commercial operators cannot electrify their truck fleets at scale using existing charging hardware intended for shopping mall parking lots,” said Suresh Jayanthi, Vice President of Energy Services at Chanje. “Their vision and flexibility have been invaluable to designing with us a unique system that meets the reliability, functionality, and cost requirements of commercial fleet daily operations.”

“BTCPower is committed to providing applicable charging products for this segment and other similar niche segments of the larger rapidly growing EV market. We were able to draw on our in-house design capability and use an existing design base to rapidly develop this very unique overhead charging system,” said Frank Meza, President BTCPower.