As we announced at the end of March, Commercial Fuel Buyer (CFB) would soon be taking advantage of a range of data offerings generated by our parent company, EPIC News+Data. That day has arrived. We have just made a wholesale pricing index available for the same 10 critical U.S. markets that we have previously offered for retail prices. On top of that, we have matched the ability to look up your local retail price with the ability to look up rack-city wholesale prices at nearly 400 locations.


This data is being offered for free to help promote price transparency within the industry. By using these tools, you can examine retail and wholesale prices and averages, and gain transparency from lows, highs and averages. You can assess margins and adjust prices accordingly. As always, we will continue to expand the depth and quality of our free price information.


Exciting and Affordable Premium Services

In addition to our free data services, we have also begun rolling out an expansive series of paid premium data product offerings at highly affordable prices. EPIC Data Subscriptions are designed to be user-friendly, cost-effective and to facilitate flexibility in sharing pricing data throughout your organization through simple licensing. Need customized reports? No problem—EPIC will deliver on your requirements at a price point unheard of in the industry today.


The following products have already launched:

  • Wholesale Rack Price—Daily: This product provides average, high and low supplier pricing for all branded and unbranded products. The full report features individual supplier pricing. One subscription serves your entire company.
  • Wholesale Rack Price—History: Get the average, high and low supplier pricing for all branded and unbranded products. Individual supplier pricing is available in the full report on a reliable audit basis.
  • FutureRack℠ Wholesale Rack Forecast: Rack-city 24-hour price outlook for gasoline and diesel fuel reflected as a price differential to today’s prices. Optimize scheduling, product loading and delivery.


Coming soon:

  • Terminal & Supply Status: Terminal or rack-city supply status reflecting product outages, closures and other disruptions to product supply availability.
  • Rack-to-Retail Margin: Rack-city retail margin analytics, including daily reports and history, as available.


Daily Pricing Newsletter

As noted in our previous announcement, to provide greater convenience we have begun sending out a Daily Pricing Newsletter to our subscription base, which gives the fuel buyer in your operation a quick and easy way to access the retail and wholesale metropolitan market data, as well as a link to the localized retail and wholesale data apps. This mailing is being phased in over the next three weeks, so if you are not receiving it today, look for it to arrive in your mailbox shortly.


Website Adjustments

To coincide with the launch of the Daily Pricing Newsletter, we have centralized our free retail and wholesale pricing data applications on a specific page: Fuel Price Discovery.



We are also providing enhanced general coverage of price-specific issues. The Fuels & Supply page will still provide more generalized data on what’s happening with the fuel products throughout the United States and internationally. The rest of our site will continue to provide the operational and managerial content useful throughout your business.


If you are not the fuel buyer in your operation, please make sure that individual is aware of the free tools we offer and have him or her register for our daily and weekly newsletters. A subscription link is located on every major page of the website, and an additional link is included HERE.


This is only the beginning. We will keep you informed as all of these offerings come to market in the near future.