CarrierHQ, a portal of competitive and flexible services for new or existing fleets, announced a new service offering with Comdata to help carriers increase fleet efficiency. With this partnership, Comdata, a leading provider of innovative B2B payment technologies, will provide CarrierHQ fleets access to Comdata’s OnRoad Card, the most powerful, widely accepted, mobile-first fuel and funds card in the trucking industry.

“Fleets have had their profits and growth limited for too long with complicated, time consuming, and expensive business processes and requirements. CarrierHQ and Aon disrupted the motor carrier market offering zero down insurance with rate adjustments based on driving behaviors. Now CarrierHQ and Comdata have teamed up to make settlements and payments easy and fast for fleet owners,” commented Scott Prince, CarrierHQ CEO.

Customers can enroll in all CarrierHQ services in minutes at and pair CarrierHQ’s factoring service with the Comdata OnRoad card to produce powerful results for fleets. CarrierHQ’s factoring service funds the Comdata OnRoad Card the same day as invoices are submitted. Cardholders then enjoy instant benefits from being able to purchase fuel, to sending money to others using Comdata’s OnRoad Mobile app, to using the card for zero fee point-of-sale purchases at millions of Mastercard retail and online locations. In addition, fleets can benefit from Comdata’s tire discounts, full program reporting, fleet fuel management with FleetAdvance, and driver funds management.

Eric Dowdell, Comdata President of North American Trucking, said, “Comdata is thrilled to work with CarrierHQ to empower fleets to better manage their businesses. With the near-universal acceptance of the OnRoad Card and various fleet discounts offered, CarrierHQ and Comdata are poised to enable the success of motor carriers across the US.”