Bounteous, the digital innovation partner to the world’s most ambitious brands, has brought on Abbey Karel as Vice President of Business Development for convenience retailing. Karel is tasked with growing the company’s presence in the convenience-store industry, to evolve its client roster in the space.

This new addition represents Bounteous’ investment into the c-store arena, which continues to evolve and innovate to accommodate the digital consumer.

“Convenience customers are looking for more from their brands from a digital capacity,” said Kevin Rice, EVP at Bounteous. “As this industry looks to advance, we’re primed to help them along their digital transformation, ultimately offering a better experience for their customers. Abbey has the real-world experience and foresight to help us partner with the c-store industry in unique and new ways.”

Prior to Bounteous, Karel was at Bottle Rocket (an Ogilvy Company), leading the largest and most strategic client relationships and was an Ogilvy Top-25 Global Client Leader. With a background in Mobile Product Management in retail, she was a pioneer in Kohl’s and JCPenney’s native applications and in-store digital innovation.

“We are witnessing unprecedented changes in the c-store industry. It is imperative that the platform architecture and touch points in the customer journey respond quickly to customer needs. Creating a world-class customer experience requires a flexible organizational structure with talent who fully understand today’s consumers and are able to work across functional boundaries,” said Karel. “At Bounteous, our partnerships with C-Stores accelerate innovation, platform integrations and delivery timelines because we bridge our deep-rooted understanding of these technologies with each client’s unique vision and strategic organizational goals.”