Armor Safe Technologies and EZUniverse Inc. today announced a global strategic partnership that will commence collaboration between the two companies. The new partnership agreement will greatly expand the market footprint for both organizations in the near future. Integration of ARMOR’s “smart safe technology” with EZU’s latest 360iQ solution removes vulnerabilities from the cash handling procedures, dramatically improving the Loss Prevention abilities of both solutions.

The new system ties store POS “cash drops” and every “smart safe” deposit, providing the ability to oversee each event over synchronized video via cameras installed in the store and even inside the “smart safe.”

“Armor’s CacheSYSTEM and CacheNET line of cash management safes have been integrated with 360iQ solution from EZUniverse. With this integrated offering from both EZU and ARMOR, it is now possible to have picture-perfect visibility of every cash dollar that is flowing through the business,” stated Larry Robinson, President of Armor Safe Technologies. “This system is so complete, that I may consider getting back into the retail business. In my earlier career we ran 7-Eleven stores for 12 years and cash control was always a headache. This consolidated system makes it easy to control and monitor all aspects of the business.”

“We are excited to partner with Armor Safe Technologies, which allows us to offer leading “smart safe” technology to our clients, making the 360iQ solution the only system successfully addressing loss prevention issues between POS “cash drops” and bank deposits.” said EZUniverse’s CEO, Leszek James. “I see a significant and positive shift within the QSR industry, where the top players have begun to recognize that the technology itself is not a solution to the shrinking bottom line problem. Technology is rather an accessory to the solution, and the 360iQ product addresses this challenge perfectly by integrating several best in class technologies into one comprehensive solution. 360iQ allows users to utilize all those disparate technologies and help them to produce tangible benefits by re-capturing hidden monetary value, lost today in not properly optimized operations.”