The American Petroleum Institute (API) will soon revise RP 1646, Safe Work Practices for Contractors Working at Retail/Convenience Facilities, 1st Edition. The Recommended Practice is designed to provide an awareness of safety issues associated with maintenance and construction work at retail petroleum/convenience facilities, including service stations.

Highlighted are many applicable Federal (OSHA) requirements, which are the minimum safety procedures everyone must comply with while working at retail petroleum/convenience facilities. This document serves as the basis for the API WorkSafe program that has certified 11,500 people to work safely at retail stations.

Those who take an interest in, or who are affected by, this publication or the API WorkSafe Program are invited to join a revision team to determine the content of this document to be presented for ballot. Most, if not all, work will be via phone and web conference.

For additional details and/or to be placed on the RP 1646 Revision Group, contact Nate Wall by December 17. He can be reached at or at 202-682-8157.