API President and CEO Jack Gerard today applauded Congress after the House took its final vote to advance pro-growth tax reform, marking the last legislative step before Congress sends the bill to President Trump for his signature.

“Today Congress has fulfilled its pledge to modernize the tax code for the 21st century, setting us on a course towards greater economic growth, job creation, and increased U.S. competitiveness around the globe,” said Gerard. “The leadership of Chairman Hatch in the Senate and Chairman Brady in the House has been instrumental throughout this process, and we commend both the House and Senate for completing their work on this important issue.

“The natural gas and oil industry supports millions of U.S. jobs and invests billions into the U.S. economy each year, and an updated tax code will allow our industry to accelerate investments and help unleash economic activity. Pro-growth reforms like strong cost-recovery provisions and a lower corporate rate can also drive innovations in new technologies to protect the environment and help provide affordable energy for consumers.

“We look forward to President Trump quickly signing this bill into law to deliver pro-growth, pro-development tax reform, strengthening our nation’s long-term energy security and allowing the U.S. natural gas and oil industry to continue providing safe, reliable energy for American consumers, manufacturers and businesses.”

To learn more about API’s support for pro-growth tax reform, visit energyandtaxes.com