Anova has launched its Anova Installation Services program, enabling propane, fuels and lubricants providers to realize the benefits of remote tank monitoring faster. Through the expert and accurate installations performed under Anova Installation Services, suppliers and end-users gain peace-of-mind that their monitors are installed correctly, and critical information is accurately captured for each tank and location. Meanwhile, customers with their own team of installers can utilize the advanced logistical and dispatch support component of the new Anova service, complemented by easy-to-use, step-by-step installation mobile apps.

“Our early Anova Installation Services customers saw tremendous benefits and cost savings,” said Dillan Fernando, Senior Vice President LPG, Fuels and Lubricants. “In one early customer example, a national propane marketer was able to save over $100k in deployment-related labor and fuel costs. With installations spanning 45 states, our team of qualified, expert installers were able to install 890 monitors in less than 30 days. This allowed this marketer to keep their own team focused on their critical day-to-day operations of delivering propane efficiently,” Fernando added.

Chet Reshamwala, Anova CEO, said, “Our field installation program began in response to needs from customers who were eager to realize savings from deploying monitors, but either lacked the necessary resources to install them quickly or wished to use their in-house resources for other priorities. When our customers asked for a faster path and our help, we responded quickly. Our team of qualified, expert installers have deployed tens of thousands of monitors for customers safely, accurately, and quickly with the support of our powerful logistical administration capabilities. I am delighted that we have been able to provide additional value to our customers, as well as offer new work to so many people through this program.”