As fleets nationwide transition to all-electric vehicles for last mile deliveries, Motiv announced the deployment of four all-electric step vans with Alsco, a global uniform service company. These zero-emission step vans are built on Motiv’s EPIC F-59 Ford eQVM-approved chassis and will serve routes in Sacramento and Los Angeles, with dozens more planned for next year. Alsco selected Motiv after successful demonstrations, where Alsco drivers and depot managers were impressed with the Motiv-powered electric trucks’ performance.

Ideal for Alsco’s routes, Motiv’s EPIC F-59 chassis incorporate its mature and proven fifth generation electric powertrain technology, AdaptEV software and BMW battery packs. These all-electric step vans will reduce operation and maintenance costs by up to 85 percent, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership over the life of the vehicle. On an annual basis, the four electric step vans will offset approximately 100 metric tons of CO2 versus diesel-powered internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts. They also provide drivers with fatigue reducing features such as hill hold and regenerative braking.

Alsco works to make their processes more sustainable and source products from vendors who prioritize eco-friendly options. By introducing zero-emission all-electric step vans into their fleet, Alsco is taking concrete steps to decrease its carbon footprint in the communities they serve.

“Alsco’s products, by nature, are more sustainable compared to disposables. We promote the use of reusable items, like uniforms, cloth napkins, towels, isolation gowns, and floor mats to our customers,” said Ben Fox, Director of Sales and Marketing, Alsco. “It only makes sense for us to put our delivery drivers in sustainable, efficient, reliable Motiv-powered all-electric step vans.”

With diverse vehicle applications and a strong customer base, Motiv has become a recognized leader delivering all-electric chassis for commercial trucks and buses. In addition to step vans, Motiv’s EPIC chassis power school buses, shuttle buses, box trucks, mobile medical vehicles, and more.

“We are excited to see Alsco Uniforms diversify their fleets to include zero-emission step vans,” said Matt O’Leary, Motiv’s Chairman and CEO. “As we see more medium-duty fleets choose all-electric options for their last mile delivery efforts, it’s our hope that we will truly see fleets freed from fossil fuels. We applaud Alsco’s long tradition of serving their customers with efficient, innovative, and sustainable technologies and look forward to a successful partnership into 2021.”