Advanced Digital Data, Inc. (ADD Systems) has announced the all new ADD Energy E360—the future of ADD Systems. E360 brings ADD Energy E3 into a web-based application with a completely new user interface that simplifies the lives of ADD clients. With this option-rich application, clients can tailor and customize their use of ADD software to increase efficiency and profitability.

The E360 user interface remains consistent with the familiar E3 concept, but includes benefits that allow users to make changes to meet their needs. ADD clients can prioritize the tools and options they need most and declutter the screen by removing unneeded features. With ADD Energy E360, clients are able to:

  • Declutter screens
  • Prioritize elements
  • Rearrange and hide fields
  • Adjust font size and themes
  • Customize the look and feel

E360 takes advantage of the fastest and most advanced technology, so users can access data anytime and anywhere via a Windows PC, Mac, Tablet, or Phone in the office, at home, or on the go. With mature technology like fiber optic speed and 5G wireless, E360 will run seamlessly for all ADD clients regardless of location.

Proper security is a fundamental concern at ADD Systems. As a result, OAuth 2.0, the industry-standard protocol for authorization, backs ADD Energy E360 to safely and securely control access to client data. ADD also implemented SSL, Secure Sockets Layer, to authenticate and encrypt connections to ensure safe data.

Above all, ADD Systems moves forward with the client at the center. “Our focus on our customers drives our goals,” says Rob Culbertson, Chief Operating Officer at ADD Systems. “Changes are occurring all the time and ADD Systems is keeping pace with those changes by trying to provide our customers with choice.”

ADD Energy E360 is a direct result of the special attention given to satisfying diverse clients. According to President Bruce C. Bott, “When you become an ADD Systems client it‘s our commitment to you to keep our product evolving. E360 is the latest example of that continued commitment. We believe in always moving forward.”