Advanced Digital Data, Inc. (ADD Systems) has introduced ADD Energy Assist, ADD Systems’ new mobile warehouse management tool that makes inventory audits for lubricants, service parts, and other warehouse items more efficient than ever. ADD Energy Assist facilitates inventory audits through barcode scanning and an automatic interface with ADD Energy E3 and ADD Energy E360® back office software. The time saved and the accuracy gained make this product an essential tool for all businesses that track inventoried warehouse products. “I’m very excited about the new ADD Energy Assist product,” said COO and Senior Vice President Rob Culbertson. “This new product is going to save our customers both time and money by helping to automate the Inventory Audit process.”

With ADD Energy Assist, clients can:

  • Have warehouse scanning capabilities on an Android device
  • Facilitate inventory audits through barcode scanning of warehouse inventory
  • Interface with ADD Energy E3 and ADD Energy E360 back office software
  • Save time and improve accuracy

As ADD Systems’ first mobile solution specifically made for warehouse operations, ADD Systems is committed to creating products that will help improve efficiency in every process. ADD Energy Assist will continue to develop through individual client feedback and User Group direction. “We’re excited about the launch of yet another new product, ADD Energy Assist,” said ADD Systems President Bruce Bott. “ADD Energy Assist is proof positive that our suite of products will continue to evolve to meet the needs of our clients.”