The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) CEO Brian Jennings today spoke out in support of the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2019 regulation, which finally allowed year-round E15 availability, and the industry’s efforts to defend the rule. Ahead of oral arguments in the D.C. Circuit Court regarding the lawsuit oil refiners filed to undermine the expansion of E15, Jennings issued the following statement:

“EPA’s interpretation of the Clean Air Act holding E15 to the same gasoline volatility standards as E10 is consistent with Congressional intent and reflects the realities of today’s motor fuel market. EPA’s ruling in 2019 cut the RVP red tape allowing more retailers to add the blend to their fuel slate and offer their customers a low carbon fuel with higher octane at a lower cost. We trust the D.C. Circuit Court will see through the oil industry’s opposition to EPA’s rule as a not-so-veiled attempt to cling to their status-quo market share.”

An opinion on the litigation is likely to come in late summer.