The holiday season comes with many associations, including the presentation of gifts to friends and family. In that spirit, we offer up some highlights from the trade show floor of the recently held NACS Show/PEI Convention. These solutions promise industry companies such gifts as efficiency and profitability. This selection of products and services represent just a slice of what could be seen in the petroleum and technology pavilions. We certainly apologize for the omissions that undoubtedly occurred. Products are linked to vendor websites for those wanting more information.

CAF offered its REACT fuel spill neutralizer. This product renders fuels nonflammable through a formula of Eco friendly, all-natural surfactants . REACT allows users to treat small spills without absorbents, eliminating the need to dispose of hazardous waste.

Chargepoint, inc. was promoting its range of commercial fleet electric vehicle charging services. These include depot charging, mixed-use charging (both consumer and commercial), home charging and on-route charging. The company promises to make it fast and easy to get commercial EV charging combined with fleet management tools that save a fleet operator energy, time and money.

Comdata premiered its SmartSite GX EMV outdoor payment terminal for unattended card lock operations. It promises to increase gallons sold, improve data security and risk management with DSS and PCI P2PE compliance, increase site utilization with cloud and web-based reporting and provides EMV enabled acceptance.

DM2 Software Inc. showcased its new Delivery Link in-truck dispatcher/driver communications system. This cloud-connected package provides dispatchers, drivers and common carriers with a seamless integrated paperless system for scheduling fuel pick-ups and deliveries using a secure cloud connection  and existing off-the-shelf mobile devices.

Pump manufacturer Blackmer highlighted its SX –DEF Series for diesel exhaust fluid transfers which emphasizes superior design, reliability, durability and a high degree of performance.

Business intelligence for the fuels marketer was a major focus in the FACTOR booth. COGNOS is a self-service, easy-to-use visual dashboard whose goal is to make it easy to drill through useful but cumbersome data. Features such easy report generation and dashboard color coding allow a quick visual understanding of the performance of various business metrics.

Fiscal Systems showcased its TraveStar1 touchscreen point-of-sale system that can manage all of the retailing formats including convenience stores, truck stops and unattended card locks. TraveStar1 interfaces with all major dispensers and card readers, third-party fleet cards and loyalty programs.