On July 28, Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (REG), The Fuels Institute and Fuel Marketing News (FMN) partnered on this essential webinar covering diesel fuel trends and how biodiesel blended fuel can help fuel marketers and retailers grow their businesses and enhance fuel margins.

John Eichberger, Executive Director of The Fuels Institute, a non-profit, independent think tank founded and managed by NACS, discussed current trends impacting the diesel fuel market and what these trends mean to fuel marketers and retailers. The Fuels Institute, founded in 2013, draws together various stakeholders from the vehicle and fuels industries, including public interest community and academia, to collaborate on the critical issues facing the transportation market.

Jon Scharingson, REG’s Executive Director, Sales & Marketing, discussed how adding biodiesel blended fuel to the fuel marketer and retailer product offering can help enhance margins and grow your diesel fuel business. He discussed why biodiesel blended fuels are on the rise, how they can differentiate your business, blending economics and integration into your operation.

The Webinar was moderated by Keith Reid, Fuel Marketer News editor.