One of the most detailed and informative webinars presented through the FMN Webinar Series is now online!

As one independent attendee commented after the event:

“Fantastic! Great webinar. Both speakers knew their stuff . . . and I picked up a couple of good points too!”

The focus of the webinar was: How can biodiesel help me? That’s a question fuel marketers have been asking themselves in recent years as they consider the number of alternative fuel options available. That focus was more than met by the panelists and the involved Q&A session that followed.

  • Troy Shoen with Renewable Energy Group provided great detail on the economic viability of the product for petroleum marketers. He went through the various commodity factors and federal, state and local incentives that add to profitability.
  • Scott Long, manager of marketing and business development for Growmark followed up by showing how biodiesel is integrated into his company’s operations. He discussed in great detail the pros and cons to integrating biodiesel into Growmark’s operation, how they market biodiesel to customers, issues regarding cold weather use and how biodiesel is helping grow their business. The operational considerations were particularly detailed.

The recording of the webinar can be accessed at the following link:

Download Webinar Recording

Two handouts from the Webinar are also available for download:

REG Distillation White Paper

This whitepaper discusses the “new frontier” of distilling biodiesel and the benefits to the product that approach provides.

REG Feedstock Flexibility White Paper

This whitepaper discusses both the market and product benefits from having feedstock flexibility when producing biodiesel.