Warren Rogers, a leading provider of precision fuel monitoring to convenience stores and other fuel retailers, will introduce a secure fuel procurement application at the PEI Conference at the NACS show, October 1-4,  in booth 4811, at the Georgia World Conference Center, Atlanta, GA.  The new application provides users with a comprehensive look at fuel inventory and delivery needs for fuel sites and alerts logistics personnel and station managers to potential runouts and other issues —all in a highly secure, cloud-based environment.

The procurement application features highly intuitive, advanced forecasting analysis that relies upon historical sales data. It provides users with data concerning real-time tank levels, ullage amounts, and consumption forecasts. An automation feature also prompts carriers when a delivery is due at each of their designated sites.

“Our procurement application helps people who are responsible for procuring fuel, forecasting fuel sales, and dispatching product across many sites,” said William Jones, Warren Rogers president and CEO. “We’re getting great feedback. Customers appreciate the inventory alerts that pinpoint potential delivery risk and time to runout, dispatchers like the improved forecast times, and fuel carriers are reporting exceptional reliability.”

Jones adds, “Due to its inherent security features, our procurement application appeals to IT departments as well. Our application utilizes Warren Rogers’ Security Suite to keep carriers off VPNs and that centrally administers login credentials.”

In terms of its user interface, the procurement application has a streamlined dashboard with enhanced graphics so customers can obtain real-time data at a glance. The dashboard is easily viewed on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

The Warren Rogers procurement application is also very scalable, so it can support organizations as they grow.  What’s more, all procurement customers receive personalized support from a Warren Rogers expert analyst.


Founded in 1979 by Dr. Warren Rogers, Warren Rogers Associates pioneered the development of Statistical Inventory Reconciliation Analysis (SIRA) as a means of monitoring underground fuel tanks and associated lines. SIRA was certified in accordance with EPA requirements and has been used by petroleum marketers for more than thirty years to provide UST leak detection compliance.  Warren Rogers also invented Continual Inventory Reconciliation Analysis (CIRA) for fuel management, which has become the industry standard. Today, Warren Rogers specializes in statistical analysis and precision fuel system diagnostics for the retail petroleum industry. For more information, please visit www.warrenrogers.com