Upside announced a partnership with Love’s Travel Stops to make Upside available to customers at nearly 300 locations across the country. Upside identifies nearby users and drives them to participating locations using profitable, personalized cash-back offers delivered through its top-rated mobile app.

“For nearly 60 years, Love’s has been the nation’s leading travel stop network, and we’ll continue to look for new opportunities to provide good value and competitive prices to customers,” said Francie Koop, senior manager of customer and brand strategy for Love’s.

Upside’s profitable incentives give merchants like Love’s an opportunity to provide cash back offers in a highly competitive market while filling the unused capacity they have on site. By leveraging Upside’s app and partner apps to reach more than 30 million consumers, participating retailers put spare capacity to use without increasing their operating costs.

“Upside enables merchants to reach new customers and drive attributable volume proven to be incremental and profitable for their business,” said Kevin Hart, Upside’s SVP of Fuel. “We are proud to include Love’s as an option for our users.”

Upside works with more than 50,000 nationwide gas stations, c-stores, grocery stores and restaurants to help merchants reach new customers and convert them into habitual buyers.