TruStar Energy, one of the nation’s leading developers of compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations, announced today that the company has hired Juan Reina as Director of Biogas. Reina will be tasked primarily with sourcing and delivering renewable natural gas (RNG) for the company’s growing customer base. CNG sourced from renewable natural gas allows companies to reduce their carbon footprint while adding to their bottom line. Reina will work closely with Fortistar, TruStar Energy’s parent company, Senior Vice President Dave Unger, who was hired earlier this year to help develop an RNG supply chain—from landfill to customer. Reina will be assisting in other TruStar Energy business development activities, including new fuel station development and the consolidation of existing individual or regional stations that want to be part of a larger national program.

According to a recent report from the World Resource Institute, “about 50 million tons of unused organic waste is produced every year in the US, which is the energy-content equivalent of 6 billion gallons of diesel—or 15% of the diesel consumed by the country’s heavy-duty trucks and buses last year.” Research from The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas shows 85% growth in renewable natural gas production facilities in the United States and Canada since 2014.

“Although early adopters of natural gas as a transportation fuel have already seen positive economic returns and sustainability benefits over diesel, RNG greatly enhances both of those benefits,” said Adam Comora, President of TruStar Energy. “Juan Reina’s extensive experience in negotiating gas transportation agreements and project development will be a tremendous asset in our move to offer customers RNG to meet their fueling and sustainability needs.”

While at TECO Peoples Gas, Reina was responsible for the negotiation of gas transportation agreements with industrial, electric generation and wholesale customers. Reina developed, implemented and managed two unique regulated utility service offerings for the development of CNG and RNG infrastructure. Through the CNG Service Tariff, TECO Peoples Gas developed three stations that serve refuse trucks, transit buses, and semi-trailer tractors. The RNG service tariff is now facilitating the first RNG development projects in Florida.

The use of natural gas from traditional natural resource extraction and from organic materials at landfills as a transportation fuel insulates companies from the price volatility of diesel and gas resulting from international conflicts and events, which, in recent years, have been responsible for dramatic price fluctuations. Natural gas-powered engines are clean and quiet, produce 30 percent less greenhouse gases, and do not require the costly exhaust after-treatment devices and diesel exhaust fluids that are required for diesel engines. These engines also have an average of 80 to 90 percent lower noise decibel level than diesel engines.

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