Transflo, provider of a mobile and cloud-based platform that drives connectivity, automation, and supply chain liquidity, introduces a simplified pricing model for its multi-channel document capture and workflow suite, helping fleets with predictable monthly pricing and an improved driver experience.

With the new subscription-based software as a service (SaaS) model, fleets have greater control over their monthly costs, and drivers have access to unlimited document scanning in the mode they choose — at truck stops, in truck cabs, or via the Transflo Mobile+ app. Transflo is the only provider in the market today to offer unlimited, multi-channel document scanning.

“Transflo’s move to SaaS solutions makes it easier than ever for fleets and drivers to perform necessary workflow and document capture on the road, no matter how many scans are needed or where drivers want to make them,” said Transflo President Michael Southworth. “The subscription-based model has become the standard for software pricing, and we’re making this transition to better serve the fleets and drivers that rely on our multi-channel platform.”

In addition to in-cab document capture and the scanning capabilities on the Transflo Mobile+ app, drivers have access to more than 2,500 truck stop scanning locations across the country, empowering them with the decision to choose which option is most efficient for them.

“We adopted Transflo’s new SaaS model because it makes drivers’ lives easier,” said Nick Brooks, vice president of technology and marketing at Western Express. “By giving them multiple convenient options to scan and send paperwork, each driver can choose what works best for them. With Transflo’s multi-channel document management solution, we’re maintaining and improving our relationship with our driver force, and that increases our driver retention and recruiting efforts.”

Transflo Express and the Transflo Mobile+ app also offer a host of other productivity tools, including driver messaging and fleet communication features, load alerts, integrations with truck stop apps, scheduling functions to help drivers manage their day, and access to the new electronic Bill of Lading and Proof of Delivery services (eBOL and ePOD).

As another tool to improve drivers’ experience, eBOL and ePOD services ensure drivers get paid faster and cut dwell times at shipper and receiver facilities by digitizing the entire lifecycle of a load, all within the Transflo Mobile+ app.

“We want to meet companies where they are by making it easier to do business with us, by making our services simpler for fleets and drivers to use, and by helping customers realize greater ROI with the Transflo suite,” said Doug Schrier, Transflo’s senior vice president of strategy. “The SaaS pricing model will allow us to more easily add new features and improvements. Our goal is to make sure every single customer knows we’re going to continue to meet their needs today, tomorrow, and next year.”

The subscription model will be available to new Transflo customers starting July 1, 2021, and fleets already using Transflo can work with the company to make the conversion on a timeline that works for their operation.

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