TouchStar, a multinational provider of logistics and mobility software solutions, has launched a new website showcasing its FleetAtlas Framework – an integrated set of on premise and SaaS automation solutions designed to create a fully connected business environment.

Encompassing six primary functional areas within fleet organizations – Telematics, Dispatch, Mobility Apps, Compliance, Planning, and Business Intelligence – FleetAtlas enables drastic efficiency improvements, reduced operational costs, and valuable business data through its integrated solutions.

“Our company has evolved and grown over the last few years, and this new website was needed to showcase who TouchStar is today, allowing us to continue meeting the growing needs of our customers,” said Peter Gibbs, TouchStar CEO. “Through our FleetAtlas Framework, organizations have flexibility to implement solutions that meet their current needs, with the ability to expand into more advanced automation technologies as those needs change over time.”

With content tailored to TouchStar’s primary industry segments – Oil & Gas, Consumer Goods, Field Service, and Transportation & Fleet Management – website visitors can better understand how these solutions will positively impact their business through automated processes.

Built on an entirely new platform with more intuitive navigation and responsive design, website visitors can now enjoy the same user experience whether on a PC, tablet, or mobile device.

In conjunction with its new website, TouchStar is also launching a blog where content will be focused on an array of industry insights, trends, and best practices – with various perspectives from company leadership around the world.

Currently in English, website content will soon be available in German, French, and Spanish for the convenience of TouchStar’s global markets.

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TouchStar is a leading multinational logistics and mobility software provider delivering solutions that meet the specific needs of the Oil & Gas, Field Service, Transportation, and Consumer Goods industries. With a 20 year history and systems worldwide, TouchStar provides cloud and on-premise solutions ranging from fleet tracking applications to comprehensive enterprise mobility and automated accounting solutions. Relied upon by organizations of any size, from many of world’s largest energy, logistics, and field service companies through to smaller, localized service organizations, TouchStar’s FleetAtlas framework is highly scalable and provides the foundation for a progressive automation journey. TouchStar is headquartered in Tulsa, OK with technology and support offices in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, and Germany. For more information, visit