TouchStar, a multinational provider of logistics and mobility software solutions, today announced that the company has grown its fuel distribution client base in the United States – driven primarily by the addition of two new clients, represented by a large regional fuel and lubricant distributor based in California and a regional fuel distributor located in Mississippi, which both specialize in on-site fleet refueling – expanding on its total global fleet of more than 20,000 vehicles.

The fuel distribution software solution, which includes mobility, dynamic dispatching, route planning, and business intelligence reporting applications, allows fuel distributors to decrease costs and increase deliveries per day by eliminating paper tickets and automating processes for drivers, dispatchers, and back office staff. Both of these new clients chose TouchStar due to its extensive experience in the Oil & Gas industry.

“The fuel distribution industry is continually growing, and is one where process and efficiency improvements can make a drastic impact on the business through increased capacity,” said TouchStar General Manager Shelby Ahmann. “Managing the entire delivery process through a handheld device, instead of paper tickets, allows drivers to do their job much more efficiently and provides near real time data access to dispatchers and management through the enterprise based applications.”

TouchStar’s FuelWare mobility application connects drivers with dispatchers and back office systems, creating an integrated solution for dynamic dispatching, monitoring and managing critical inventory levels, and automatic data capture enabling detailed cost-to-serve reporting.

“We’re eager to continue growing within this industry as more distributors realize the benefits that workforce automation can provide to their business,” added Ahmann. “Integration of these technologies through our FleetAtlas Framework allows organizations to achieve their desired business outcomes by becoming much more efficient and gain a return on their investment usually within 12 months.”

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