Ryder System, Inc., a leader in commercial fleet management, dedicated transportation, and supply chain solutions, today announced the honorees of its 45th Annual Driver of the Year Award, a tribute to driver excellence. This year’s award ceremony, held at Ryder Headquarters in Miami, Fla., recognized two Ryder professional drivers—Bill Phipps and Carlos Aceituno—for demonstrating exemplary safety performance, customer service, and citizenship throughout their careers. Mr. Phipps and Mr. Aceituno were inducted into the Ryder “Driver Hall of Fame” and each was presented with a cash prize, along with a specially designed ring and watch.

The Driver of the Year Award is one of Ryder’s longest running and most prestigious recognition programs. Honorees are selected through a rigorous review process by a committee that includes Ryder executives, safety experts, and professional drivers. The top awards this year were presented to two Ryder-employed drivers – one for Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) and another for Ryder Dedicated Transportation Solutions (DTS).

Bill Phipps is the Driver of the Year for Ryder SCS. Ryder SCS drivers are responsible for delivering customer product in a timely and efficient manner. Mr. Phipps drives for Honda and is based in Corbin, Ky. He started driving a truck in 1968 at the age of 16, and over the past 50 years he’s logged an impressive four million incident-free miles, including 2.6 million with Ryder. Mr. Phipps exemplifies the commitment to safety that makes Ryder drivers stand out in our industry. He is a Smith System certified driver, and in October 2015 he became a Ryder Certified Driver Trainer. Mr. Phipps now works to ensure that incoming drivers share the same commitment to safety. His reputation for dependability extends beyond his work. He is active in his church, where he is a member of the choir. Mr. Phipps is also known to lend a hand in his community, including cleaning snow from the roads in the neighborhood.

The Driver of the Year for Ryder DTS is Carlos Aceituno. Ryder DTS drivers are responsible for operating specialized equipment, managing unique product handling, running complex routes, and meeting rigorous service level requirements. The drivers have a special responsibility when they represent Ryder customers, as they often wear uniforms with Ryder customer logos and drive vehicles emblazoned with customer brands. Mr. Aceituno drives for CVS out of Ennis, Texas. In his nine years with Ryder, he has driven over 1.5 million miles, which is just a small portion of the 5.6 million collision-free miles he’s driven over the course of his 34-year career as a professional driver. He is a Certified Driver Trainer who has trained close to two dozen new hires. Mr. Aceituno’s strong work ethic has earned him the respect of his supervisors and peers, as well as earning him multiple “Driver of the Month” awards. He is a U.S. Army veteran and was certified by the Army as a tank mechanic. Off the job, Mr. Aceituno is active in his church and coached a USAA Regional Soccer League and an AYSO Youth Soccer League.

“At Ryder, we are committed to honoring impeccable Ryder employees and overall individuals like Bill and Carlos,” said Robert Sanchez, Ryder Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “These Driver of the Year recipients are shining examples of all that Ryder values, from safety, to impeccable customer service and stewardship. Congratulations to Bill and Carlos; Ryder is proud to have drivers like you—the best of the best!”

To learn about the types of professional driver positions available at Ryder, visit https://ryder.com/careers/drivers.