Tidel, a world leader in Cash Management Systems and Robbery Deterrent products, announces the Series 4e, a cash management system that offers an innovative design, superior usability, and support for several Tidel peripherals. The primary features of the Tidel Series 4e include:

• Expansion capability with the following Tidel peripherals:

  •     Bulk Coin and Note Dispenser
  •     Bulk Coin Dispenser
  •     Bulk Coin Recycler
  •     Low Capacity Note Dispenser
  •     High Capacity Note Dispenser
  •     Side Car

• Peripheral connectivity via RJ11 and RJ45 cables, up to 100 feet in length, offering maximum flexibility for retail store placement

• 7 – inch color screen – providing superior usability in menu navigation and system operations • Note validator maintenance door – allowing p reauthorized personnel to remove validator heads if a jammed note is detected

• Main CPU board and power supply located under the console – enabling enhanced serviceability

• Supports the standard 1,200 note cassette and the 2,250 note XL cassette

“Customer response to our Series 4, which we launched in January, has been extremely positive ,” said Gary Landry , President and C EO, Tidel. “The Series 4e represents a continued evolution of this product family. By offering connectivity to an extended suite of Tidel peripherals, the Series 4e offers retail organizations more choices in cash management functions, including note dispensing, coin dispensing and recycling, and note deposit scalability. With the Series 4 and 4e, our customers can now adopt a wide variety of cash management solutions to fit their business needs, based on one common platform.”