Excentus, (www.excentus.com) a leading loyalty marketing and technology firm recently acquired by PDI Software, provides Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands access to millions of customers and unique shopper insights through its Elevate offer marketing platform.

Elevate, a unique solution developed for the convenience retail sector, allows CPG brands to promote product offers through a convenience retail network of over 25,000 locations across the United States. The platform generates and captures valuable customer data that CPG brands can leverage to deliver targeted promotions and offers that drive frequency, loyalty and sales lift.

“Our Elevate platform provides CPG manufacturers the ability to engage consumers more effectively in the convenience retail channel through email marketing campaigns, mobile app messaging and in-store signage,” explains Jeff Hassman, CMO of Excentus. “We’re giving convenience retailers the tools they need to increase sales and boost loyalty, and providing shoppers with relevant and timely offers. It’s a win-win-win scenario.”


Elevating CPG Brands’ C-Stores Sales: How it Works

The Excentus Elevate platform serves as a channel between CPG brands and the consumers that buy their products in convenience stores. CPG brands make their product offers available through the Elevate platform, allowing convenience retailers to easily deploy and manage those offers. In return, CPG brands gain insights into c-store shopper behaviors, such as member engagement, products purchased and overall offer cost and value, as well as access to the Excentus PDI network of thousands of retail locations and comprehensive marketing support.

The result is a platform that helps CPG brands improve the reach of their promotions across large, unbranded stations, company-operated locations and single site operations, amplify the effect of their offers, uncover new customer segments, and improve the efficacy of their marketing efforts.

The Elevate platform gives CPG brands the ability to send offers to consumers based on their specific purchase history. This helps CPG brands pinpoint opportunities to deliver the right branded offers and promotions to the right audiences – a critical factor for effective consumer marketing. These shopper insights also help CPG brands segment and target customers based on their interactions, spending patterns, cross-brand purchases and other preferences. This data-driven approach results in increased sales and stronger ROI on promotions, and drives case movement of product.

“Product offers drive greater engagement and create value for all stakeholders,” continues Hassman. “Through Elevate, CPG brands gain access to data that otherwise would not be available to them to help guide their overall promotion strategy.”

The Elevate Platform and suite of customer marketing, loyalty and engagement solutions will be on display at NACS at the Excentus booth #6161 and PDI booth #6133.

For more information about Excentus, the Elevate platform and how it benefits CPG manufacturers, or to speak with Jeff Hassman, please contact Vanessa Horwell at vhorwell@thinkinkpr.com (305-749-5342 ext. 232) or Emily Bowe at ebowe@thinkinkpr.com (305-749-5342 ext. 246). For more information about Excentus, please visit www.excentus.com.