Teletrac Navman, a global leader in GPS tracking and fleet management solutions, announced a new integration with ProMiles AFTR, the leading solution for automating fuel tax reporting. The partnership offers carriers more consistency and efficiency when tracking and reporting fleet movement, provides more accurate trip records and eliminates manual data entry and unnecessary processes—reducing costs and lessening the burden of compliance requirements.


“We’re seeing an increased demand for a single pane of glass to connect disparate technologies and relieve some administrative duties for fleet owners and operators, providing a more integrated and seamless workflow both in the field and in the back office,” said Daren Lauda, General Manager of North America, Teletrac Navman. “Thanks to our integration with ProMiles, we can now offer our customers an even more powerful platform for fleet management, and by incorporating automated fuel tax reporting, we are able to help reduce the risk of audits and compliance violations—all within a single view.”


The integration via Teletrac Navman’s application programming interface (API) offers customers real-time position updates, including street names and zip codes, mileage and a vehicle’s driving direction, and automatically synchronizes the vehicles tracked within Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR with the ProMiles platform. For carriers, this eliminates the need to manually register vehicles in separate systems and provides easy access to all processed distance records for compliance with International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA), International Registration Plan (IRP) and Weight Distance reporting requirements.


“ProMiles has led the industry for many years in data processing and producing turn-key fuel tax solutions, offering users peace of mind when preparing their filings,” said Chris Lee, Vice President of Marketing, ProMiles. “We’re always looking for ways to add value for customers and reduce the complexity of manually registering vehicles on multiple systems and complying with disparate regulations—a commitment we share with Teletrac Navman. We look forward to a long and successful relationship.”