Stuzo, a leading provider of personalized, frictionless commerce technology solutions, powered by its Open Commerce Platform, software services, and insights platforms, announced the launch of its third fuel retail and convenience insights platform, Future Vision Insights Platform.

Building on the work of its Market Insights Platform wherein Stuzo focuses on gaining a deep understanding the digital capabilities of the top 100 fuel retail and convenience brands in the US, and on the work of its Consumer Insights Platform wherein Stuzo generates a deep understanding of the aggregate wants and needs of fuel retail and convenience consumers across the US, Stuzo is demonstrating how changes in the market, consumer behavior, and technology will converge and lead to new business opportunities, transformation, and disruption within the fuel retail and convenience industry.

Stuzo assembled a team of research analysts, 3D designers, 2D designers, 3D animators, and product strategists to conduct a deep analysis into the current state of the fuel retail and convenience industry as well as trends that are shaping how technology and software will power business in the immediate and near-term future.

To inform the creation of its Future Vision concepts, Stuzo’s Future Vision Platform team performed extensive analyses on:

  • Technology cost curves, including energy supply chain, battery capacity, and more
  • Technology convergence, including the intersection of retail categories such as fuel retail and convenience, restaurant/QSR, grocery, banking, pharmacy, and more
  • Business model innovation, including the subscriptionization of commerce and transportation-as-a-service
  • Product innovation, including electric vehicle (EV), battery, and autonomous technologies
  • Technology adoption s-curves, including the inflection point for when autonomous EV ridesharing (the next major innovation coming to consumer transportation) becomes less expensive and more convenient compared to purchasing or leasing a car

Stuzo has produced the following three (3) Future Vision concepts, presenting an in-depth, realistic, look into futuristic environments – all powered by technology.

  1. Urban Convenience Center of the Future (co-sponsored in partnership with Bank of America Merchant Services)
  2. Suburban Convenience & Energy Center of the Future
  3. Autonomous Fleet & On-Demand Convenience of the Future

Stuzo will unveil new Future Vision concepts throughout 2019 and continues to make significant investments in its three fuel retail and convenience Insights Platforms to:

  • Inform Stuzo’s software product roadmap and software services solutions
  • Enable Stuzo to deliver higher performing retail commerce technology solutions for its clients
  • Empower Stuzo’s clients and industry partners with high-value insights that inform strategic digital transformation decisions
  • Accelerate the adoption of digital commerce across the fuel retail and convenience industry

Stuzo’s in-depth Future Vision Insights Platform research, data, and concepts are available exclusively for Stuzo’s fuel retail and convenience clients and partners at