NACS has announced a new member benefit that helps the employees of its retailer and supplier member companies pay down student loan debt and save for their future.

Today, seven in 10 people graduating from college have student loan debt, and total student loan debt has climbed to more than $1.5 trillion. With Gradifi, NACS members have access to a powerful tool that can help them gain a competitive advantage in the hiring marketplace by helping their employees reduce student loan debt, as well as bolster efforts to recruit and retain top talent. NACS has been offering student loan contributions to its own employees through the Gradifi SLP Plan since May 2018.

“Attracting and retaining high-caliber college graduates is a key part of our strategic growth plan at NACS, as well as for many retailer and suppler member companies,” said Brian Kimmel, senior vice president and chief financial officer at NACS. “A student loan repayment benefit will help our industry become more widely recognized an employer of choice.”

David Chang, CEO of Gradifi added: “Employee benefits that make student loan debt more manageable translate into real advantage in a highly competitive labor market. Gradifi’s solution will help NACS members attract and retain talent by helping their employees reduce the financial burden and emotional stress of student loan debt.”