The Kiesel Company, a fuel distributor located out of Missouri, needed to upgrade its customers’ equipment to meet more demanding environmental requirements. They were using gravity-fed cylindrical above ground fuel tanks to refuel onsite trucking equipment for an international airport. Spanning around 800 acres of land, this airport served around 90 domestic and international locations. Kiesel was told that their fuel tanks did not meet the airport’s environmental requirements set for refueling equipment onsite.


It was time for Kiesel to completely rethink how they were providing fuel to their customers. They were in need of a compliant and innovative solution that answered their unique problems such as:

  • How could they cut down on the maintenance costs of cleaning the rainwater from the secondary containment area?
  • How could they be sure to meet airport’s environmental requirements and other fueling compliance laws?
  • How could they protect their fuel and equipment from theft and the elements?
  • Could they find a fuel tank that would fit within a limited amount of space?
  • Since the tanks will no longer be gravity fed, how would they dispense fuel without power?

Kiesel sought assistance from Western Global, a designer and manufacturer of innovative storage solutions, in order to find a fuel storage solution that would work for their refueling needs. After discussing their needs with one of Western Global’s fuel tank consultants, Western Global supplied Kiesel with custom-modified FuelCubes.

The FuelCube is a stationary above ground fuel tank with capacities ranging from 250 – 1,000 gallons designed for onsite equipment refueling and backup fuel supply. The FuelCube solved Kiesel’s problems of tank maintenance, environmental compliance, space optimization, security and onsite power.

The FuelCube features a built-in weatherproof containment berm that allows for 110% containment of the inner tank. This cut the cost of having to clean the secondary containment area of rainwater. The FuelCube was also fully compliant, meeting UL 142 and other environmental requirements set by Kiesel’s customer.

The FuelCube also features a lockable equipment cabinet that is part of the main containment area. Kiesel could now keep their fuel and fueling equipment safe from theft and the elements. The cabinet also contains any drips, spills or overfills in the secondary containment area that could happen during refueling.

The FuelCube’s compact, cube-like design allowed them to fit three 1,000 gallon FCP1000 fuel tanks easily within a limited amount of space. Western Global’s in-house operations team was able to configure the FuelCubes with solar power panels to run the fuel pumping equipment, making the tanks self-powered. This allowed Kiesel to upgrade to auto-shut-off nozzles that help reduce onsite fuel spills.


Kiesel found that Western Global’s FuelCube proved to be an easy-to-use solution for their onsite refueling needs. The solution cut their maintenance costs, met UL 142 and other environmental requirements, fit 3,000 gallons of fuel within a smaller footprint than their previous fuel tanks, protected their fuel and equipment from theft and the elements and was self-powered using solar-powered panels. By rethinking their fuel tanks, Kiesel was able to support their customers with compliant and easy-to-use refueling for their equipment.

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