Congressman Adrian Smith and Congressman Dave Loebsack reintroduced legislation on March 2 to broaden fuel choices for retailers and consumers by expanding the existing waiver of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations related to the Reid vapor pressure (RVP) of motor vehicle fuel, which E10 received in 1990, to include E15.  


“By restricting retailers’ ability to market the fuel they feel is most competitive, these archaic EPA regulations are impeding the free market and limiting consumers’ options at the pump,” Congressman Smith said. “There is no reason E15 should not receive the same regulatory relief extended to E10 decades ago. We must foster the development of a robust energy marketplace, including ethanol and other renewable fuels, in order to achieve American energy independence.”


“Ethanol is a homegrown, renewable energy source that supports millions of jobs in communities in Iowa and throughout the country,” said Congressman Loebsack. “This legislation will remove an unnecessary barrier and allow E15 gasoline to be sold in the summer months. This legislation helps expand consumer choice at the pump, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil, and stimulate economic development throughout the country.”


“The introduction of the Consumer and Fuel Retailer Choice Act is the first step toward eradicating an unnecessary EPA restriction that limits consumer choice at the pump during the peak time of the year when Americans are on the road,” said Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor. “E15 is a federally-approved fuel that saves motorists money, boosts engine performance and improves the environment. Biofuels like E15 are the most effective alternative to fossil fuels and a critical tool for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality. It is simply ridiculous that a law passed in 1990 to spur ethanol fuel sales would prevent today’s drivers from having this choice of a high-performance, environmentally-friendly twenty-first century fuel all year round. We commend the sponsors of this bill for their efforts to provide consumer choice at the pump and look forward to working with them to get this important legislation enacted.”