Skyline Products, a leading manufacturer of electronic price signs, announced that it will expand its line of electronic fuel price signs to include a 6-inch LED digit. The newly-designed solution will allow fuel retailers to post prices for many fuel commodities on a single sign with a small form factor.

Regulations in California can vary by jurisdiction, but many of the state’s municipalities require fuel retailers to post prices for every fuel product they sell while regulating the maximum square footage that can be occupied by a single price sign. These, and other similar regulations, have increased the need for a small, compact price digit.

“As regulations become more restrictive, our fuel retail customers are requesting this smaller 6-inch digit,” said Chip Stadjuhar, president and CEO of Skyline Products. “We are excited to bring more choice to the marketplace and to offer a feature-rich, higher quality alternative compared to the current market options.”

The new 6-inch digits – available in red, green, amber, blue and white LEDs – feature a redesigned digit shape, specifically engineered to maximize readability.

“We are known for our unique digit shape that is optimized for legibility,” shared James Barnhart, Skyline’s director of product development. “While our new design is specific only to the 6-inch signs, we believe it is the optimal shape and layout for that size. We are confident our customers will think of it as a significant improvement over the options currently available.”

Many fuel retailers caught a first glimpse of the new sign at the 2018 NACS Show in Las Vegas. Barnhart added, “The response we received at NACS was remarkable. It’s clear the market was ready for another player to enter this space that could bring Skyline’s reputation for quality and design.”

Skyline Products provides LED price signs ranging from the new 6-inch digit all the way up to a stunning 86 inches. Additionally, their unique, customizable, electronic scroll price signs range from 10 to 91 inches tall and can be customized to match the brand image of any fuel retailer.

Skyline’s 6-inch LED price signs are available for order now.