Ryko Solutions, Inc., one of the largest providers of managed car wash systems in North America, unveiled its newest in-bay wash system at the NACS Show in Las Vegas. The SoftGloss MAXX 3 is loaded with technologically advanced features and controls, while also putting more options at your customers’ fingertips by providing two wash options in one bay.

“Customers are becoming accustomed to having multiple options when shopping for products and services and that includes car care,” says Michael T. Gillen, President & CEO for Ryko Solutions. “Your customers will have that flexibility with the SoftGloss MAXX 3 and also benefit from a spacious design to accommodate larger vehicles, both touch and touch-free options all with a better drying experience. Their satisfaction means higher profits for car wash operators and owners.”

Features of the SoftGloss MAXX 3 include:

• Two Wash Systems – The only unit that offers high pressure touch free and combination wash flexibility all in one unit. Customers can use the MAXX Choice to choose brush only, touchless, or a combination wash. It’s like getting two machines in one system.
• Quality Brushes – A proprietary designed wash material cleans and enhances paint without picking up debris or absorbing water. Advanced power monitoring sensors adjust to meet the shape of the vehicle for soft, yet optimum coverage without the need for separate brush controllers. Two side-arm brushes provide the bumpers with extra attention moving from the front and rear of vehicles. The large diameter wheel scrub provides greater coverage and can extend for narrow or offset vehicles.
• MAXX Track Floor Design – Easy-to-service modular track design eliminates downtime for track maintenance. The rollover does not need to be taken out of service to replace the track.
• Reclaim System – Ryko’s specially designed UltraClear system can reduce chemical and water usage by up to 80 percent. The Environmentalist system’s recycled water is sent through a cyclonic separator where fine particulate matter is removed. The UltraClear Reclaim system breaks down particulates to approximately 10 micron, making it safe for most high pressure systems. The ozone generator also eliminates odor and allows water to rapidly clarify, providing clearer water more often.
• Customization – Car wash owners can choose from new LED premium light packages, multiple colors of FoamBrite wash material and beautiful cover panel options to design a machine that meets their specifications. Custom brand logos can also be added for that personal touch.
• Spacious Bay Design – The spacious design allows room for high-step vans, dually pickups and long-bed pickups, increasing your potential customer base. The wash dimension is a cavernous 108 inches wide (frame to frame) and 90 inches tall.
• Powerful On-Board Dryer Fans – The backward-incline impellers on-board contour dryers provide a more even-drying experience that helps to lower energy costs.
• Built-to-Last – Ryko’s exclusive aircraft-grade aluminum frame is long-lasting and won’t rust like other systems. The Complete Wash Ready assembly with a unique industry-leading telescoping feature is pre-plumbed, and pre-wired gantry allows for faster installation and reliable start-up. Less installation time means faster profits.

In addition to providing durable and quality wash equipment, Ryko has 250 locally based technicians throughout the U.S. to provide fast response time to minimize machine downtime.