Shell announced that they are finalizing indoor EuroPay MasterCard Visa (EMV) deployment with over 11,000 of their sites fully indoor EMV operational. EMV is the global standard for cards payments using payment cards with an embedded computer chip and special authentication technology designed to reduce fraud. Almost 80% of the Shell-branded retail network is now fully indoor EMV compliant with the remainder expected by spring 2017.


“The Vantage platform has afforded sites faster and easier deployment of indoor EMV software while significantly minimizing site downtime and eliminating the need for a technician’s visit,” said Craig Schneider, Vice President and General Manager Marketing, Shell Americas Fuel Sales and Marketing. “We are confident that we will experience the same success with our outdoor EMV program.”


As full deployment of indoor EMV approaches, Shell is shifting focus to delivering outdoor EMV on their network. Shell is fully committed to ensuring all Shell-branded sites are EMV hardware and software ready in advance of the October 2020 liability shift date. Development of the outdoor EMV software solution is currently in progress with a pilot planned for late 2017. 


Shell continues to encourage sites to become EMV hardware ready with new dispensers or upgraded retrofit kits.  EMV hardware equipment is available for Shell wholesalers (and dealers) through Wayne Fueling Systems and Gilbarco Veeder-Root. Shell and Wayne are offering a Direct Purchase Program for both new dispensers and retrofit kits, and Gilbarco is providing dispenser and retrofit kits through their distributors. 


“We’re excited to bring our wholesalers and retailers a high-value dispenser program that will help lower their EMV investment costs,” said Juan Kemp, General Manager Operations, Shell Americas Fuel Sales and Marketing. “Our top priority is to continue delivering programs and technology that protect the Shell brand and lead to better customer experiences.”


Additional details of the outdoor EMV program will be announced in Q2 2017.