A leading global tank and fuel management company, Leighton O’Brien, has announced a partnership with Service Station Systems Inc., a fueling equipment installation, maintenance and compliance testing provider to offer EPA-certified  tank and line testing services to SSS’s clients throughout California.

SSS is the 40th Licensed Service Provider to join Leighton O’Brien’s growing global network. The combined service offering will enable SSS to deliver Leighton O’Brien’s industry-leading testing equipment to customers to conduct tank testing, line testing, vapour recovery testing and leak detector testing, supported by qualified engineering and expert technical assistance including data analysis and comprehensive reporting.

Leighton O’Brien Co-founder and CEO Reed Leighton said the partnership will enable SSS customers to achieve the lowest fuel losses and the tightest storage systems, all overlaid on the best reporting platform available.

“SSS is excited to partner with Leighton O’Brien to provide market leading and time-saving testing technology to our clients as part of our ongoing effort to provide a fully integrated solution offering,” said Mark Able, President, Service Station Systems, Inc.